The 7 Steps of Problem Solving

Learn the theory of problem solving

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Problem Solving is finding the optimal solution to a business opportunity or challenge — how to enter a market? increase profitability? improve operational efficiency? These are some of the problems that you will be called upon to solve throughout you career. The skills to do it are a key determinant to your career success. This course will teach you a structured, inductive approach that you can use to solve any problem.

The course builds on the latest theoretical concepts, as well as many years of practice and experience. Once you master the problem solving skills, you will stand out at your company. Most of your colleagues will struggle to solve unexpected or unprecedented problems. If you become a top problem solver, you will be recognized and promoted. Mastering this skill is a lifelong journey. This course is your first step in that journey.

Your Instructor

Filipe & Mathilde
Filipe & Mathilde

Filipe Leal is a former McKinsey Senior Consultant. For 5 years he advised large corporations in Banking, Telecom, and Energy. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and a MSc from EPFL.

Mathilde Jakobsen is a former Maersk and Coloplast Manager. She holds an BSc in International Business and MSc in Management of Innovation from CBS.

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